JuiceRoad Terms & Conditions

Do not place an order if you do not understand or accept all the terms and conditions:

  • Products prices and availability can change without notice.
    (Changes in cost prices and international currency rates)
  • Beneficiary Details can change anytime.
  • JuiceRoad.com can't and won't take responsibility for misplaced orders and delays in cases like:

- expired PO boxes
- incorrect shipping addresses emailed by customers.
(We suggest double checking emailed shipping addresses, because our shipments are not returnable due to discrete shipping)
- delays caused due to holidays and/or Postal Service failures.

  • JuiceRoad.com do not accept Payment by Cards
    (CC are too risky and unreasonable for both sides)
  • JuiceRoad.com will protect your personal information and anonymity by all means. ( All data is completely deleted off our servers regularly )
  • JuiceRoad.com want you to feel Safe & Secure with us
  • Emails are always deleted after correspondence
  • All of your personal information including orders info are stored offline
  • All of your information is confidential and secure with us
  • JuiceRoad.com is a responsible company and will never misuse, give , sell or compromise your information in anyway
  • JuiceRoad.com strongly suggest to always state that any funds you send, are for the purpose of friends or family

Delivery Delays & Seizures

DELIVERY DELAYS: A variety of factors can influence this, such as local, national and/or state holidays or just postal system that sometimes goes crazy mad

SEIZURES: We have a very high rate of successful deliveries (90%+). In the unlikely event that if your package is detained by customs, We will reship your full order, upon the presentation of the original scanned copy of letter of confiscation ( seizure letter ) along with all the pages and envelope.

DAMAGED ITEMS IN TRANSIT: This is extremely rare, due to our packaging and shipping procedures. However, if you should receive your package and you find damaged items or different or less items that you ordered please take some pictures with a digital camera and send them along via e-mail. We will gladly replace packages if we receive a picture of a clearly damaged package and damaged merchandise.Please contact us for further details.

Shipping & Delivery & TA time

Types of shipping: You will note that at the bottom of the shopping cart list there is an added shipping section. There you will see a description field for each of the various types of shipping procedures we offer.

We offer Airmail & Express Mail Service. You can read more about the various shipping methods we offer by clicking the shipping ICON.

  • AIRMAIL SHIPPING does not require a signature.
  • Registered AIRMAIL SHIPPING requires signature, trackable & more reliable ( Recomended )
  • Expiress Mail Shipping Requires Signature, fully trackeable and most reliable.  ( Recomended ) T/A 5-10 days.
  • Shipping costs: Every time you update your order and select your preferred shipping, the charges will be recalculated for you automatically. We normally charge a flat fee.
  • Shipping times: We will ship your products within 24-48 hours after receiving payment. After we ship the products, please allow 10-14 day for arrival. ( 3-4 weeks in some cases )
  • JuiceRoad.com reserve the right to process and ship orders only after payment has been transferred and valid/clean shipping address provided.
  • JuiceRoad.com quarantees following T/A and shipping conditions:

- USA 10-20 business days with airmail and 5-15 days with EMS.
- Europe 10-20 business days and 5-10 days with EMS.
- orders are usually processed and shipped within 1-3 working days.(Except holidays)
- JuiceRoad always split bigger orders to make shipments reasonably small and discrete.
- JuiceRoad always prepare your shipments to be rough transport proof & silent , ensuring secure and smooth arrival.
- JuiceRoad cover all regular shipping costs as usual and charge our customers a reasonable flat shipping fee only.
- Regular shipments are shipped via registered airmail (priority) , therefore have tracking and requires signature on arrival.
(That way shipping is faster and more reliable , also still extremely discrete&secure)

  • JuiceRoad.com guarantee 100% resend for packages which aren't delivered but shipped via registered airmail (tracking/signature/priority) or because of confiscation, under conditions:
    •  Scanned copy of seizure letter is required. ( Packs were seized )


  •  Two months ( 60 days ) have passed since date of shipment. ( Considering Pack(s) were lost )
  • JuiceRoad.com will need a new fresh/clean/secure shipping address , unrelated to previous addressee.
  • JuiceRoad.com offers unlimited resend of ordered products damaged/destroyed in transport under following condition(s)
    • Only if suitable pictures are provided from the time of arrival and opening. (original condition , right after arrival)
  • JR don't offer Resends for regular airmail shipments anymore
  • JR won't reship anything which is not delivered because of incorrect address.
  • JR won't reship anything which is not delivered because no one was home to receive it.
  • JR don't offer Refunds for order already shipped. If any issue arises on JuiceRoad.com's part, JR will refund.
  • JR don't offer Resends ( Except for broken ) for shipments to
    • Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Swaziland ( Tough success rates )
  • JR reserves the right to re-ship only upon seeing a seizure letter.